Line Rider

The Flash Game, with Undo

What is Line Rider, and how do I play it?

Line Rider is a game developed by ~fsk, and originally posted over at Deviant Art. Please note, this game was not created by me, I just decided to play around with it, by trying to add an undo button, and placed a copy of it on my site so I can find it easier. Find out a bit more about Line Rider here, or view the developers page here. The best way to get to grips with the art of line-riding is to read the instructions, and have a play! Major kudos to ~fsk for coming up with Line Rider!

What's different to this version of Line Rider compared to the original?

The original Line Rider was missing one crucial feature - an undo button. I've recompiled Line Rider complete with an undo button, so you can fix your wonky lines until you have the perfect track!

Note: There's currently a slight bug with the undo version of Line Rider - it seems to be undoing one too many lines. Please try not to use the undo button for the time being!

What else can I do with Line Rider?

A lot of people have taken to posting Line Rider Videos on YouTube - check them out for ideas!

If you have any videos of yourself playing Line Rider, post a link to it over on the Line Rider comments page. I'm interested in seeing what people have done with their little Line Rider!

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Line Rider Videos

A ton of people are posting their Line Rider videos onto YouTube: you can see a few of my favourites below:

Line Rider Extreme

Line Rider Fishy

Line Rider: Wheelie

What People are saying about Line Rider

Read what people are saying about Line Rider below:

"an extremely addictive, extremely clever little bit of flash. Prepare to lose hours of time"

"Line Rider is a cool little flash game that has been making the rounds"

"a surprisingly fun time waster"

"Compulsive little flash toy"

"Line Rider is at once a model of every man, and also an individual for whom we should hold great regard. His is a fate drawn on a blank slate, sure in path but difficult in execution. His path is frought with difficult and sometimes impossible obstacles which all end, ultimately, in certain death.
Yet, alone, he faces these tasks head on without complaint or objection. He merely blinks at such fatally dire consequences as pixel-crushing jump, staggering boredom (should he stall on course) and infinite chasm. Only by the tack of his scarf do we know his trajectory in the chalk white matrix.
God speed, Line Rider.
Think of his three pixel kids sitting at home, and his wife, who knit him the scarf."